Day 6 – Hangzhou 杭州

We met in the micro room and hung out for a bit and talked about our experiences so far. Then we headed to an English class that had prepared a presentation for us about the scenic spots around West Lake. We had some time after to just talk and ask questions. Then we headed off on the tour bus with a student tour guide, another tour guide, and one of the Yuhua teachers. We learned more about the legend of the White Lady Snake and her lover and the Broken bridge. We also learned about the Leifeng Pagoda and the Three Ponds Mirroring Moon. Our guide told us that the government is promoting bikes and electric cars. The bikes are all around the city and they have QR codes that people can scan and then they can use them for free for 1hr. After an hour, they have to pay 1 RMB per hour. The cars with blue plates are just normal ones, but the ones with green grey a discount because they’re using natural or electric fuel. We also saw the Broken Bridge, which isn’t broken and Long Bridge, which is actually really short. We even got to take a boat to the islands in West Lake. It was absolutely beautiful there! We even saw this large fish or something quickly surface for air and then it disappeared. Then, we headed back and took the bus to the restaurant. The food was really good, especially the beef and the special shrimp. One of the dishes was even French Fries. After that, we headed to a historical street for shopping for the next hour. That was great and a lot of us found cool souvenirs. Some of us tried black sesame ice cream. Then, we headed back to the school to wait for our host students to pick us up. Since it was Friday, everyone was heading home with their suitcases, so there was a lot of traffic. We all went home to spend the weekend/Saturday with our host families.


Coming soon…

Day 6 – Hangzhou 杭州

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