Day 5 – Hangzhou 杭州

We all woke up at our hair family’s house and had breakfast. We attended our student’s first 3 classes. Some of which included math, Spanish, German, English, politics, etc. Afterwards, We headed back to the micro room and had a small break. Then, we headed over to the gym building for our archery lesson. It was really fun! Some of us had never used a bow and arrow before. After some practice, we all improved. Wong laoshi helped us. We also did some fun shooting at ballons that we stuck on the targets. Next, we went to eat lunch. There was so much food! It was amazing! Afterwards, we headed over to the tea making/ceremony classroom. It was really nice and there was traditional bamboo furniture and very formal tea set ups. We got to make and try Jasmine, Black, white, and Hangzhou famous tea. Then, we made it the way people made it in the Song Dynasty. Tang laoshi helped us get the green tea, matcha, mixture all bubbly at the top so that we could do tea art! It was amazing! Then, we went off to our wine making class. Apparently there isn’t a drinking age here. It was great! We each made a jar of wine that needs to be left for 3-6 months before you can drink it. He laoshi shows us how to make it. I’m cas you want to know, the berry to sugar ratio should be 3:1. Then we headed back to the micro room to chill and eat snacks. Our hosts came to pick us up around 4:50 and we all headed home.


Coming soon…

Day 5 – Hangzhou 杭州

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