Day 4 – Hangzhou 杭州

We woke up early and had breakfast at the hotel. We packed up and took the bus to the train station. We got to Hangzhou in about an hour via a bullet train. Then, we met our guide at the gate and headed through security. After we boarded the bus and got all of the suitcases stored away, we headed straight to the Greentown Yuhua School. We had a very nicely packed lunch there. It was comprised of rice, french fries, chicken, peas, shrimp, and vegetables. Then, we watched some very well made videos made by some of the students and one other one about Hangzhou. We learned more about Hangzhou’s history and how it was once a small fishing village and is not a metropolis. It was even once the capital during the Song Dynasty. Since we got there early, we hung out in the room and then went to explore ourselves for a bit. That led to the discovery of a piano, when led to a lot of singing. It was fun, and then we meet up for a tour of the school. The campus is huge compared to Winsor. They have a really large field and a small little store on campus with lots of snacks. They even had a recycling bin in the shape of a panda. We ended up playing soccer for a bit with some students and then headed to the gym. We all played some basketball and that was really fun. We were really hot afterwards and after we finished the tour, we went back to the room. We had some extra time, so we decided to do some Cherokee and our tour guides even joined in. One of them even played his guitar with us and another did a hip-hop dance.

Here are some photos of us eating lunch and parts of the school:

Coming soon…

Day 4 – Hangzhou 杭州

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