Day 3 – Shanghai 上海

Our wake up call was also set for 7:30. We all headed down for breakfast and then met in the lobby. We switched our activities a bit, so we went to see the Bund, a part of Shanghai with a European architecture influence. Then, we went to explore the Shanghai Museum. We paired off. I explored the calligraphy, jade, sculptures, and painting galleries with a friend. Then we had xiao long bao for lunch at a place were apparently many famous people have gone. Then we went to explore the Tianzifang area for some souvenir shopping. It was really crowded! There were hundreds of little shops and stalls in rows and rows of little streets and alleyways. We saw really strange drinks like “blood bags”, which had juice in them, and lightbulb drinks. We also saw liquids yogurt and drinks with liquid nitrogen in them. It was really fun to see everything. We bargained for certain items and that was really funny. There were these really cute fluffy really soft bunny keychains that kept popping up. The pocket watches also showed up again. A lot of the sellers tried to sell us anything they thought we would like, even if we said no thanks. Can’t blame them for trying. After exploring for three hours, we had dinner and then went off to see an acrobatic show at ERA. The theater was kind of shaped like a giant golf ball. The show was awesome! There were motorcycles, and bike tricks, and great balancing acts. We were all tired by the end and most of us actually slept through the show. We took the bus back to the hotel and most of us went straight to bed.


Coming soon…

Day 3 – Shanghai 上海

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