Day 2 – Shanghai 上海

Due to the delay, we arrived at the hotel around 1:00 in the morning. We quickly got our room keys, but the roommates had been mixed up. We sorted it out and found our rooms. Our wake up call was set for 7:30. We went down for breakfast. It was a buffet style with both Western and Chinese food. Today, we hopped on the bus and explored the French Concession area in Shanghai. We walked through an old park, which was the most preserved from the French Concession. All of the people were really nice. We sang and danced with the local people and we came a cross a person doing calligraphy with water on the sidewalk and he wrote Winsor in Chinese for us. We also walked through a beautiful park with a rose garden, called Yu Garden. Then, we went to explore the Chenghuangmiao Bazaar to experience the architecture style and enjoy the beautiful gardens inside. We also had some free time at Nanjing Road/the Bazaar to go shopping. After a lot of exploring and walking around, we had dinner at Xintiandi, which represents the face of old Shanghai.


Coming soon…

Day 2 – Shanghai 上海

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