Arriving and Day 1 of 北京

We arrived to Beijing through the bullet train and met our guide at the train station. Then, we headed to eat dinner, one of the most famous dishes in Beijing, Peking Duck. Peking duck was served whole by the chief and we watched as it was chopped to pieces. The tour guide showed us how to properly wrap the duck, using hoisen sauce and a thin layer of wrap. Within the wrap, we could put lettuce, and other things. Shortly after dinner, we went to our hotel.

On the second day, we sightsaw Tiananmen Square. First, we visited a structure with Chairman Mao’s portrait on the front. That Chairman Mao was portrayed in a prominent way shows how he was idolized and even viewed as a God to some of the Chinese.

 After viewing this structure, we went to the Forbidden City, a city that only the king was allowed to live in. It was located fairly close to Chairman Mao’s structure. We did a scavenger hunt, taking photos in front of famous monuments and we had a fun time learning about stories and cultural facts that made up the Forbidden city.
After the awesome sights we experienced from the Forbidden city, we ate lunch and headed to the Beijing Zoo to see the pandas. I personally have never seen pandas before and it was amazing to see them because they seemed serene and peaceful. 
After the zoo, we did a little shopping at the Pearl Market, an indoor bazaar that was 4 floors tall. I think everyone had a lot of fun shopping and bargaining. I know that I will definitely miss this aspect of shopping in Beijing. 

​​Our first day in Bejing was wonderful and significant to our cultural and historical understanding of China.

Arriving and Day 1 of 北京

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