Last Day in Hangzhou!

Sunday was our last day with our host families in Hangzhou. Some activities included going to a cat café, seeing movies, going to an amusement park, making pottery at a local museum, and eating a final goodbye dinner with our hosts. 
My first stop after a leisurely breakfast was a pottery museum and studio. The museum had pottery from thousands of years ago. We got to see how they made the pottery in the ancient times. After waking through the museum we got the opportunity to make pottery ourselves (the modern way). 
My host wanted to but some pet fish so we went to the pet shop. It was a little bit depressing to see the animals locked in cages and meowing or barking to get out. After holding some adorable rabbits and observing backflipping squirrels, we were on our way to the shopping street. 

We went to a traditional Chinese shopping street that sold tea, metalwork, silk, and Chinese snacks. We went inside a tea and pottery shop and sat down for some tea with the owner of the store. She made us tea in the style that we learned at Greentown. 

In the evening, we went to a traditional Peking Duck dinner at a local restaurant. Our family taught us how to correctly wrap the duck in the rice paper. We had no idea we were doing it wrong!  

We all had fun weekends spending time with our hosts and their families. We will miss our hosts so much and will remember their hospitality forever. 

Last Day in Hangzhou!

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